April 20, 2017

A Little Frustration and Some Recent Finds

Afternoon ladies.
I hope you are all having a fine day.
I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  In an effort to bring our church into the twenty first century we decided it was time for a web page so I'm in the middle of building a website for our church.  Fun huh?  

No, not really!

It's a huge pain in the neck.  Now I know why they charge so much for this kind of stuff.  Setting up a web page is complicated, messy, and frustrating.  I had everything set up and things were going good and in the middle of it all I accidentally deleted everything...
the web page, my account...:(

How can one button cause so much damage?
I called customer service and they fixed it for me.  Now I have to wait 24 - 48 hours for the page to "propegate".  In the mean time I'm supposed to wait patiently.  

onto happier things...
Every now and then I like to visit the local charity shops and see what wonderful treasures I can find.  We only have two in our area and it's really a hit and miss.  Sometimes I find quite a bit and other times I leave empty handed.  Back a few years ago when we had a larger house I could buy whatever my heart desired but now that we live in a much smaller home I have to be very disciplined. Sadly storage space is limited so if I can't use it now or in the near future it can't come home with me.

Except when it comes to yarn.  There's always room for more. I can squeeze this stuff almost anywhere.  It stores very well in those under the bed storage containers.  I already have a lot of it but I hate to pass it up when I find it cheap.
More yarn.

Moor goodies.  A vintage enamel stock pot, a chenille doll - not vintage but totally adorable -, vintage kitty note pad, and a vintage spool of floral ribbon.

And this super cute pink cabbage roses enamel pan.  It wasn't this pretty when I found it.  It was actually sticky and icky but a little bit of Comet cleaned it up nice.  Sometimes these finds just need a little love.

I baked a loaf of cinnamon bread to take to my mil's along with some roast beef sandwiches and a macaroni salad.  She just had knee replacement surgery.  I thought they might enjoy a homemade meal instead of take out.

My go to movie when I need a pick me up.
A real favorite.
Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox.
F -O-X

Love it.

April 12, 2017

Easter Week...

It is the week of Easter.
This year is just whizzing by and it has my head spinning.
How can it be April already?

I'm loving the pastel colors I'm seeing everywhere this time of year.  The delicate shades of the different colors are very pleasing to the eye.  The soft yellows, the pale pinks, and the muted greens.  It just says Spring time to me.
 I used some scrap yarn in a lovely shade of yellow to whip up this Egg shaped coaster.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.  It turned out cuter than I thought it would and it was a breeze to stitch up.

A few more Easter makes.

Egg cosies...
with perky bunny ears...
and floppy bunny ears.

 I made a trip to WM to buy some plastic Easter eggs for our junior church class and I spied this ceramic bunny planter.  I couldn't resist.  I treated myself to it.  It has the prettiest plant in it.  It says it's a succulent so maybe it will be easy to keep alive.

Let's hope so.

Yellow seems to be my color lately.
It's such a happy color.

We are only a few short days away from Resurrection Sunday, as our pastor calls it.
What a great time to reflect on the life of our Savior and the sacrifice He made on the cross, 
who gave up his life in the place of ours, who resurrected and defeated death so that we may live and have eternal life.  What a wonderful gift He has given us.  It puts a spring in my step and joy in my heart to think about all He has done for us. 
What a wonderful savior we serve.

Wishing you all a happy Easter

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April 6, 2017

More Blankets...

How many blankets can one girl have you ask?

Well, when you're a crocheter, knitter, or even a quilter, you somehow end up with what seems like a gazillion of them.  It's inevitable.  You start out making one, then another, then another, and before you realize it there are piles of blankets sitting around the house.

Oh but they're so pretty.
That's what we tell ourselves.
That's how we justify making even more of them. 

And that is just what I've come to share with you today.
More blankets.

These fleece blankets are my favorite to make.  Adding a pretty crochet border to a piece of store bought fleece is quick and easy.  Very satisfying too I might add.  

This burgundy plaid blanket is my favorite.  I take it everywhere.  It packs well since fleece is so lightweight.  It's kept me warm during many football games and track meets.

This is actually a redo.  As you can see in the photo below I had already added a border a couple of years ago.  You can read about that post here.  I made a mistake and used Caron Simply Soft.  With all the use this blanket has gotten the yarn didn't hold up well.  It was looking frazzled and worn.   I've learned that the Caron yarns get fuzzy really quick.  So I spent a couple of evening ripping out the old border and putting on a new one.  I used Red Heart Super Saver this time.  It holds up much better.  It's what I've used on all these blankets.  

 This blanket below was a goodwill find.  It's only a small lap blanket but I was drawn to the Native American print and colors. It's quite popular here in New Mexico.   

It was still in it's original plastic packaging and came from an Indian school in Montana.  I love it.  It's very eye catching.

This camouflage throw was one we already had.  I think our son Michael received it as a gift many years ago during a Christmas gift exchange at church.  Although I'm not certain about that.  It's been many years ago.  It already had the blanket stitch so adding a border was a breeze.

I've posted about this one recently.  You can read about it here.   It's also a favorite.

I've also posted about this one although it's been a while.  I absolutely adore it.  Another favorite.
You can read about it here.

See what I mean? 
Pretty piles.
There's no stopping it.
I'll probably make more.

What are you working on?

March 30, 2017


This is my view for a good part of the day.
It is a favorite space for me as I spend a lot of time in this area.  It is my work space.
I prepare a lot of meals here.  I wash a lot of dishes.  These are the faces that look back
at me when I as I go on about my day.  The window over my kitchen sink is home to a small
group of happy little foxes.  When your last name is Fox it's easy to have fun with it and
end up with a few of these.  Foxes are so popular these days that I find them in the stores
quite often.  Usually in the fall they pop up quite a bit.  I always have to fight the urge to
bring every single one of them home.  
 Being that Spring has newly arrived and I have Spring fever, I have added into to the mix a couple of small planters. 

This little monkey came from WM.  He came with grass seed that grows like hair.  Although he is not a fox I think he feels right at home nestled in among the other little critters.  His hair grows fast.  I think he'll be due a hair cut soon.

I didn't plant this one.  I picked up this plant at our local supermarket a few months back for almost nothing.  It was fall themed and was on clearance so home it came with me.  It had a scruffy scarecrow attached to it but that part ended up in the trash.  I only kept the little basket with the plant.  I hate to pass these up when they're marked down.  I always think if they don't sell they'll end up in the trash.  So I like to think I rescued it.  The fox plant stake came from WM as well.

This one came from Family Dollar and it's sunflowers.  These popped up really quick.  I think it took only three days for them to break through.  I'll need to seperate these soon but they'll go in my back yard later.

We had a special birthday over the weekend.  Our son Michael turned nineteen.  He is very special to us.  He is our middle child and our only son.  Being the only boy he gets a lot of love from his sisters.  He is a freshman at college studying Electronic Engineering so he is quite smart too.
We celebrated by taking the family out to eat.  It seems to be a birthday tradition in our family to go out to eat.  I cook a lot and family meals are usually at home so going out is always a treat.  
Here he is enjoying his birthday ice cream.
It's hard to believe this is his last year as a teenager.   It seems like he was only a little boy just the other day.  I wish time would do me a favor and slow down a little bit.  

Loving our full life.
Til next time,