Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life at the Moment..

Hello again friends.
So far this week has been slow and restful which is exactly what I hoped it would be.  All summer long has been busy busy busy.  Last week our church hosted VBS.  I was in charge of the kitchen and the snacks.  So every day there was prep work and a whole lot of clean up afterwards.  Taking on VBS is a huge job but can be very rewarding if done right.  Anyhow, I told everyone in my family that this week I was going to take it easy.  I said I don't want to do anything other than sit and knit and watch the Olympics.  I was tired at the time I said it and it really did sound like heaven but realistically there was a whole lot of other things that needed my attention around the house. Isn't that always the case?

I restarted the throw I was working on.  I wasn't quite happy with it.  It was way too big and the needles I was using were a bit too large.  It wasn't holding it's shape very well so I frogged it and started over.  This time with a different color so it will seem like I'm making progress even though I'm really not.  I'm using smaller needles this time too and I'm liking the results a lot better.  I keep my basket here and pick up my knitting while I watch the Olympics in the evening. 

I've been cooking a lot of  squash and zucchini.  There's a sweet older lady from church that keeps bringing us some. I tend to like the green zucchini better than the yellow squash but even then I've been looking for different recipes to use them in.  Zucchini bread is always a winner. My husband and kids eat it up really fast.  I made it with whole wheat flour this time and it's still delicious.  Can't go wrong with zucchini bread.

Youngest daughter starts her sophomore year at high school tomorrow.  Son started his work study today at the university but classes don't officially start until Tuesday. These are the last days of our summer break.  I'm always a little sad to see them come to an end but at the same time I'm eager to get back into a routine.

So what have you been working on?
What's been keeping you busy?
Would love to know.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A New Month...

 Well here we are beginning a new month.

Fall is approaching...
School is arriving...
and my head is spinning
 from all the things going on and still have yet to do.

I can hardly believe that June and July came and went so quickly.  With school starting soon my summer break is coming to an end .  Every year I always look forward to the Spring and Summer months and when they finally arrive they're over just like that.  I always wish they would last longer but they always seem to be the shortest months of the year. Why is it that Spring and Summer whiz on by but the chill of Winter seems to last forever?  I ask myself that all the time.  I still don't know.

It's been a while since I made this little Doxie rattle.  It was early last year.  You can see the original post here.  Well I don't have any small babies in the house anymore.  My three children are almost all grown.  My youngest is fifteen but there's a soft place in my heart for Doxies and I just couldn't resist making one of these.  So I took it to our church nursery.  I am the nursery director at our church.  I work the Sunday School shift every Sunday morning.  I knew this would be the perfect place for this little Dachshund pup.

The rattle turned out to be a favorite with this little girl.  I set her down on the floor on a blanket and set several soft toys in front of her.  She played with all of them but she reached for this one the most.
Of course how can we blame her.  Dachshunds are irresistible to almost everyone.
If anyone out there makes soft little toys, your local church nurseries would be a great place to donate them to.  Or you could always send them to us.  These little hands would be delighted to play with them.  

My blanket is steadily growing.  I've added my second color.  So far so good.  I love the look it's taking on.  It's reminds me of Santa Fe which is what I was going for with the colors. 
My favorite time to knit is in the evenings,  It's relaxing and helps my mind and body wind down.  Of course I also pick it up during the day in between chores and knit on it a little bit.  But I'm not in any hurry to finish it.  I'm enjoying the process too much. I love this pattern.
I stopped at Goodwill last week while I was out on a shopping trip.  I always go straight to the craft section to see if I can find yarn or anything else yarn or sewing related to stock my already full shelves in my craft room with.  I am not always lucky but this time I was blessed to find these six full skeins of yarn to add to my inventory.  Yes, I get excited over little things like that.

So have you found any good deals recently?
What are you working on?
 I'd love to know.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

In The Works...

Lately it seems I can't put my knitting needles down. 
 It's been one knitted project after another. 
 It seems I'm in a groove and I don't want to stop....
...I just want to keep on going.
 My last two projects were knitted baby hats.  I showed you one of them in my last post.  
Now I've started working on a blanket.  I know it's not the ideal project for the middle of Summer but I wanted something that didn't require a whole lot of thinking.  It's my first attempt at knitting a blanket so I chose a fairly easy pattern that only called for knits and purls.
 Easy enough.  I can handle this.  
Even though it's a simple design I really like the look of it.
Click here to see the pattern I am following. 
 It's very pretty.  I know you'll love it too.
 As most of y'all know I am a sucker for anything vintage and handmade.  I came across these quilts at our local thrift and just had to bring them home with me.  They're a little battered and ripped in certain places but for the most part they're in decent shape.  I think I can fix them with a little tlc.  They still have a lot of life left in them.  
 See all the vintage charm? 
 This one will be a favorite to take to the football games coming up this Fall.  
Oh yeah!!!
Thank You for all your kind comments on my last post about my fathers cancer journey.  He is now out of the hospital after spending three weeks there.  He is still recuperating from his surgery and hopefully in August he will start chemotherapy treatments.  Me and my two girls traveled up to Kansas to spend a week with him.  We came back home last Friday and I am still trying to catch up on things around the house.  You'd be surprised how much laundry and chores get backed up when Mom isn't around for a week.  It's crazy. 

Much love to everyone,

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trusting God Through the Storm...

Life is a wonderful gift.
A delicate, fragile wonderful gift.
I think we take it for granted sometimes as we live our day to day lives just going through the motions, following our daily routines and we don't really take the time to slow down and appreciate how special this thing called life really is.
These last few weeks have been really hard on my family.   About three weeks ago on June 16th my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  And upon further testing and examining we found out that it was already stage four. News like that is really hard to digest in such a short period of time.  Dad's been through so much in these last couple of weeks.  He's been in and out of the hospital and had  major surgery last week having his whole stomach removed.  He'll be in the hospital for a long while.  Often times when unexpected things like this happen we don't understand the whys or the hows. But God, in all his wonder and glory, has a plan.  I don't have to understand it, I just have to trust Him.  Trust Him to take care of my daddy and to give us strength and grace to get through the rough days ahead.
I was just walking around the hospital on the day of dads surgery, stretching my legs and I happened to wander into the gift shop.  They had a lot of pretty things actually but I was drawn to this heart which captured the sentiment of the day perfectly.  I bought it and it came home with me.  It speaks to my heart and helps to remind me that Dad is in Gods hands.  What a wonderful place to be, in the tender loving hands of our Lord and Savior.  That thought brings peace to my heart and comfort to my soul.  
This is my father.  We traveled to Kansas to be with him on Fathers day.  It's a nine hour trip one way and I've gone to see him three times since learning of his diagnosis.  I'm planning another trip tomorrow.  I'll probably be going back and forth from New Mexico to Kansas indefinitely.  This is hard for all of us but mostly for my mother.  So I want to be there as much as I can.  
Sitting in a hospital room can make for a long day so I usually take a basket of yarn with me and work on something while I sit there. I worked on this hat last week when we were there for his surgery.  It's a little baby hat pattern I found on Ravelry called simple newborn hat with a touch of lace.   
It's a fairly easy pattern which was perfect for me because it didn't require a whole lot of thinking.  I knit on it a little here and there in the hospital but also worked on it on the drive home last Friday.  It's finished now so I'll have to get another project ready for my next trip tomorrow.  

Lots of things to do between now and then so...
Til next time,